fk emotions dude

Sometimes all you want is to be happy, and the one person who is good for you is bad in the same way.. But who am I to say your bad.. life Is so complicated… :’( all I want is to be content. I want a wavelength where I can just be okay.

Crying Of Floating

Back if my mind all I wanna do is eat but why?

Why do I wanna eat when I feel like I’m floating, laying on my cloud..? Why do I just want food.. Why HUNGER of all emotion why not crying of happiness or crying of floating

I’m so fuckin high hahahaha

Well Dressed; Depressed

I just can’t get over the fact that the little bit of freedom I had I let go of carelessly it haunts me every day

My Kendall Jenner obsession is UNHEALTHY


when youre in 1st place in Mario Kart and someone throws a blue shell


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